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Uniform-Ties Dress Code Tips:

Dress Code Tips on Neckties

We made it easy for you to quickly learn all the basic dress code guideless on wearing neckties. Learn what color and what design necktie is best suited. Learn when, and how to wear a pocket square, how to match neckties to your shirt and suit, and more.

Dress Code Tips on Bow Ties:

Bow ties are the most formal piece of menís neckwear. Even though black tie attire traditionally calls for a classic bow tie, there are plenty ways to wear bow ties. To find out more on the dress code on bow ties, simply select from the list below:

Black Tie Attire

Are you invited to an event calling for black tie attire? Are you uncertain how to dress for the occasion? To find out all the basics there are to know on black tie attire, simply select from the list below: