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Stain Resistant Microfiber Ties

Over the past few years, advances in the development of synthetic fabrics have given us the opportunity to create the ideal service uniform tie. Our stain resistant, and care-free neckties are our most popular ties for restaurants, hotels, and caterers. Click on your favorite necktie design below and choose one of the many colors available.

What Is a Microfiber Tie:

Microfiber is a man-made material that consists of a unique mix of polyester and polyamide. Mixing both of these materials allows us to spin it into a microscopic thin yarn, that is later woven into a fabric. The diameter of the individual microfiber thread is actually smaller than silk. Because of this, microfiber ties have an exceptionally soft feel and excellent shine. Chances are that you will not be able to tell the difference between one of our microfiber ties and a quality silk tie. Almost 50% of all our neckties sold are made from this unique fabric.

The advantages of using microfiber fabric for uniform ties are endless. Most of our customers value the lower price-point in combination with the exceptional silk-like look of the ties. In addition, our microfiber ties are very stain resistant. The reason for this is simple. The yarn is not dyed like silk yarn is. Instead, the dye gets added to the mixture of polyester and polyamide. After this, the mixture is spun into a yarn. The thread is already saturated in dye and will not take on stains afterwards.

Industries Using Microfiber Ties:

The largest group ordering microfiber ties from us are restaurants, hotels, and catering services. The lower price point compared to silk ties, and a high stain resitancy of the tie is what those customers value most. Waiters and waitresses do spill food or drinks on the occasion, no matter how careful they are. With Microfiber ties, changing ties during work will not be necessary. Microfiber ties are resistant ties


Wholesale Prices For Microfiber Neck Ties:

Contact us to get additional information on wholesale/ bulk order prices on our stain resistant neckties. Our 24/7-support team will be happy to assist you.

Additional Colors For Microfiber Neckties:

Can’t find the color neckties you need for your uniform? Simply choose a design and tell us what color you need. Even custom designs and custom color options are available. More on ties


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