Striped Neckties

The striped necktie design is one of the most popular neckties for business attire. The striping pattern gives the necktie a modern/ elegant look. Below is our selection of the most popular striped ties our clients order for their uniform neckties. Every striped tie below comes in a wide range of colors. Choose your design below and find the perfect color. If you are looking for a more British and more traditional striped necktie design, check out our selection of Regimental Neckties.

What Makes a Good Business Necktie

What Uniform Necktie will fit your business best, really depends on your company’s image, industry, and the intended use of the necktie. This selection of ties is labeled “Classic Business Ties” since we combined classic striped designs of men’s ties with popular necktie colors. The ties you will find in this selection are quite popular for small to medium quantity orders. The most common use our clients have for these ties are Uniform neckties worn for trade shows, and company events. In addition, often times we receive orders from particular divisions of a company, such as Sales, or branch locations that want to show unity by wearing a Uniform Necktie during a corporate wide meeting.

Matching Striped Neckties

All our Classic Striped Business Ties are quite easy to match. We only combine two, or at the most, three different color shades. Almost all our colors match well with all the classic colors for suit and tie: Any shade of gray, charcoal, black, and blue for the suit, and white, and blue for the dress shirts. Besides having to match colors in a harmonizing way, combining different patterns needs to be thought of. As a general rule, one should alternate the pattern type and pattern size. For example: If you want to wear a non-solid color dress shirt, such as striped or checkered dress shirts, make sure that the pattern size of the necktie and the shirt is different. A dress shirt with large checks should be matched with a slightly narrower striped necktie. For the most part, companies choose dark gray suits and classic white dress shirts for the uniform look; a look that combines well with any necktie.

Wholesale Prices For Striped Neckties:

Contact us for large quantity orders and bulk pricing. Price breaks will apply for orders of more than 50 items per necktie design. Our experiences staff is available 24/7, and will be excited to help you with any questions you might have.

Colors For Striped Neckties:

All the classic colors for our striped neckties are in stock, ready to ship. Should you need another color necktie to match your company’s colors, give us a call. All our yarns are dyed using specific pan-tone colors. This way we will be able to do a perfect color match.