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Regimental Ties

Regimental ties are one of the most traditional British striped neckties. Below we compiled our most popular designs of British striped ties and regimental ties. Simply click on your favorite design, and choose from the available colors to find the necktie that suits best.

Regimental Ties:

The origin of the Regimental Ties dates back to around 1880. During that time the British military decided to abolish their brightly colored uniform, one that has made such great to spot targets for their enemies. Instead they adopted the more typical olive green/camouflage military uniform. Before the change, the British used different colors o their uniforms to differentiate between military regiments. After the change, each military division's colors were displayed on soldiers' formal/ non-combat uniform. The Regimental Necktie was born. Besides the military other organization adopted the necktie to show unity and pride among their members. Even today, British Country Clubs, Private Boarding Schools, and Hunting Associations wear uniform neckties with a classic striping pattern.

Best Uniform Attire For British Striped Neckties:

Our largest group of customers that purchase British striped neckties for a Uniform Tie, are private schools. Each one of our designs above comes in the classic British Regimental colors of: Burgundy red, Olive Green, Navy Blue, and Mustard Yellow. Besides schools that are looking for new uniform school neckties, we receive orders from private country clubs, duck hunting clubs and association, and other private clubs with British heritage.

Wholesale Prices For Regimental Ties:

Contact us to get more information on price breaks on large quantity orders and whole sale pricing on our Regimental/ Classic striped ties. For more than 50 ties large price breaks will apply.

More Colors For British Neckties:

Do you like the design, but canít find your organizationís color, or vice versa? Contact us 24/7 Toll-Free and a live service representative will be able to assist you with your unique needs. We can help you with anything from custom necktie design suggestions, exact color matching, necktie logo embroidery, or price quotes on wholesale prices and bulk necktie orders.