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Solid Color Silk Ties

The solid color necktie is the most popular uniform necktie design. Weather you are looking for a solid color tie made from a smooth satin silk fabric, or prefer a solid color necktie that has a subtle striping pattern, we will have what your are looking for ready to ship. Click on your preferred necktie design below to see the range of colors available to you.

The different patterns of solid color ties

For the most part solid color ties are made from a smooth, satin-like silk fabric. They have a soft feel and give of an excellent shine. Besides this common solid color necktie design, there are plenty of other solid color designs available. At Uniform Ties we have our own design team, and work closely with manufacturers oversees to produce only the most elegant and highest quality neckties. When weaving the fabric of a tie, there are endless opportunities to create patterns and designs with a single color yarn. We take this into consideration when creating new designs.

In fabric weaving, weft is drawn over and under the parallel warp yarns. Even for neckties with more colors, the weft only rarely changes when weaving a fabric. Instead a different color warp is used to weave a necktie with more colors. For all our solid color ties the yarns, both warp and weft, will not change. Only when this is done can you be certain that a necktie matches the colors you need.

Even though the warp and weft do not change for our solid color ties, different patterns can be created with the help of the Jacquard loom. Experts speak of Jacquard woven silk ties. Alternating the pattern in which the warp is placed over and under the weft creates unique patterns. Another way to create patterns in a solid color tie is by using a different thickness of yarn, or by alternating how tightly the fabric is woven. The combination of the last two choices creates the popular “ribbed look”. The solid color tie with a fine ribbed pattern, gives of less shine than the smooth satin-silk solid color tie, which will make it appear less formal. In addition, it makes the tie slightly more durable and longer lasting. Stains also don’t show as easily, and the tie will also wrinkles much less. All this makes the ribbed necktie well suited for a daily worn uniform necktie.

Need a Different Color Necktie?

Are you not finding the color you are looking for in our selection of solid color ties? Do you need a very specific color match for your uniform necktie? Well, we have good news for you. All our yarns carry specific pantone numbers, which will guarantee that we can color-match your custom designed necktie. Simply contact us to learn about design, color, material, and pricing options. Learn more about custom-made neckties.

Bulk Orders on Solid Color Silk Ties:

Are you planning on placing a large order for one particular necktie design and color? Contact us 24/7 for wholesale pricing and bulk pricing options for ties, bow ties, and pocket squares. Depending on the design and color, large price breaks apply for orders with more than 50 items per design.