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Pocket Squares:

Choose your matching pocket square from our large selection of fine pocket squares below.

Customers For Pocket Squares:

Almost all our customers that purchase pocket squares also buy bow ties, or solid color neckties. The pocket square is the ideal accessory for men dressing up for formal black tie events (tuxedo and black bow tie look). For uniform attire, our largest groups of customers buying pocket squares are restaurants, caterers, singing choirs, and orchestras.

Pocket Squares And Neckties:

Although pocket squares are typically worn in combination with a bowtie, it is quite fashionable to wear a pocket square with a necktie. Since neckties are slightly less formal than bowties, it is common to use a pocket square in a different color and even pattern than the necktie. Less formal folding techniques such as the “puff” look are also well liked. Solid color ties match best with a pocket square in the same color. In this case, the pocket square should have one of the more traditional pocket square folds.

Pocket Squares Worn With Bow Ties:

The bowtie will feel a little lonely without a matching pocket square. Especially for black tie attire, the pocket square should be worn with a tuxedo, and bow tie. Many manufacturers make jackets with closed breast pockets, making it impossible to wear a pocket square. Simply go to your local cleaner or alteration shop, and have the pocket opened up. It is this simple.

How to Wear a Pocket Square:

The more formal the event the more formal of a pocket square color, pattern, and pocket square fold you should choose. As a general rule, solid colors pocket squares are most formal with black and white being the most formal colors. The flat fold is the most formal pocket square fold and most commonly used for black tie attire with tuxedo and bow tie. The "puff" fold is the least formal pocket square fold and is most common for a non-solid color pocket square, necktie and standard two-piece suit. More information on how to fold a pocket squares.

Wholesale Prices For Pocket Squares:

Just like with our ties, we do offer wholesale pricing on all bulk orders for pocket squares. As with all our other products, large savings will apply for orders of more than 50 pocket squares. At Uniform Ties you will not only find the best matching colors and highest quality pocket squares, but also get one of the best prices on the internet.