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How to tie a tie:

Below you will find detailed information on how to tie a necktie, how to tie a bow tie, how to fold a pocket square, and how to tie scarves. Simply click on any of the links below to get very detailed instructions, including pictures, on all popular necktie and bow tie knots.

The different Necktie knots:

Click any of the links below for more detailed information on the five most popular necktie knots. In case you are new to tying neckties, choose a smaller and easier way how to tie necktie knot such as the “Four in Hand Knot” or “Half Windsor Knot”. If you prefer larger, and more triangular looking necktie knots, the “Full Windsor Knot” might the tie knot for you. It is recommended to know more than just one way to tie a necktie to be able to match the right knot to the tie and the shirt’s collar. As a general rule: Larger, more triangular tie knots are preferred with a wide collar spread. Smaller tie knots on the other hand suit narrow spread, or button down collars best. Click any of the links below for detailed instructions for each necktie knot:

How to tie a bow tie

Self-tie bow ties are quite uncommon for a uniform piece of neckwear. For that reason we only carry pre-tied clip on ties at Uniform-Ties. Even though self-tie bow ties are quite rare as a uniform bow tie, we included instructions on how to tie a bow tie.

How to fold a pocket square:

There are many different techniques to fold a pocket square – some folds are more formal than others. Below you will find instructions on the five most common ways to fold a pocket square.

How to tie scarves

Most companies that choose their female employees to wear scarves as part of a uniform, also prefer a uniform way to tie the scarves. Below we have some detailed information on the four most popular ways to tie a silk scarf. Click the link for learning how to tie each scarf:

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