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Bow Ties:

Bow ties are the most formal piece of menís neckwear. At Uniform Ties we carry a large selection on solid color bow ties. Browse through our selection of bowties below:

Uniform Attire And Bow Ties:

Most of our customers that order bow ties for their employees uniforms are in the restaurant or catering business. There are plenty of reasons why bow ties are common on waiters, restaurant staff, and caterers. First of all, bow ties are very formal looking and are part of the formal and traditional waiter uniform. Secondly, it is much less likely for a bow tie to get dirty when comparing the bowtie to the necktie. Finally, just like solid color neckties, bow ties are available in almost all colors imaginable. At Uniform Ties we always carry the most popular bowtie colors in stock ready to ship, even for large quantity orders.

Pre-tied Clip On Bow Ties:

There is no need for your employees to learn how to tie a bow tie. All our bow ties are pre-tied. The length can be adjusted to allow for any collar size.

Ties With Matching Pocket Squares:

Often times bow ties are matched with a men's pocket square. At Uniform Ties we carry all common colors in stock. Our Bowtie and Pocket Square colors match exactly and are made from the same fabric. Even though bow ties are typically matched with pocket squares of the same color, it is not uncommon to wear bow ties and pocket squares in different colors shades. Example of popular color combinations: Pink bowtie and white pocket square, black bow tie and white pocket square, burgundy bow tie and white pocket square.

Wholesale Prices For Bow Ties:

Do you need to place a large order for your uniform bow ties? Give us a call and check on discounts on bulk bow ties orders. Large price breaks will apply for orders larger than 50 bow ties. Contact us 24/7 and get all the information on bow ties you need, such as: Custom design bow ties, wholesale bow ties pricing, additional color options and designs for bow ties.