Folding Pocket Squares: “Puff” look

uniform ties folding a pocket square for casual attire

Pocket squares are not only well suited for formal attire with tuxedo and black bow ties. Wearing a pocket square for business attire with traditional suit and tie can be quite fashionable. A great way to fold a pocket square for the slightly more casual attire is the “Puff” pocket square fold. The “Puff” fold is also great for non-solid pocket squares such as a pocket square with fine square pattern, stripes, or paisley designs.

  1. Place the pocket square on a flat surface.
  2. Pinch the center of the pocket square with two fingers and pick it up so that all four corners of the pocket square hang down loose.
  3. Slide the pocket square through your other hand.
  4. Fold up the four corners.
  5. Tuck the pocket square into your jacket’s breast pocket and style it to your desired look.

Best Suited Pocket Squares for the “Puff” fold:

The best pocket squares to use for the “Puff” fold are soft, and thin silk pocket squares. Linen or starched cotton pocket squares are less suited. Since this pocket square fold is a more casual fold, well suited for business attire, it is quite fashionable to show some pattern and color in the pocket square. The pocket square doesn’t have to match the necktie, but should harmonize with the tie’s color. Popular pocket square patterns for the “Puff” fold, are polka dots pocket squares, fine striped pocket square, paisley designs, and small geometrical shapes such as squares, crosses, and diamonds.

Uniform Ties folding pocket squares tips. Men’s fashion tips on folding pocket squares, matching the right pocket square folds to the attire, the necktie, bow ties, and the occasion.